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At REAL Academy, we focus on self-leadership and relationships.

We believe that a happy life is built on the foundation of quality relationships with others and with oneself. One has to begin to demonstrate personal leadership before excelling in group leadership. Therefore we emphasize on on self-awareness and other-awareness.

Family Therapy

Don’t let the word “therapy” intimidate you. Our family sessions are intimate and insightful and takes place mostly at the comfort of your home.

Personal Counselling

This can be for your child or for yourself. This is also carried out in a safe setting like your home or even a cafe. We are experts at making counselling feel like befriending to a child.

Customized Training Programs

Every organisation is different and has different needs. We understand that. Tell us what you need. We have vast experience with all kinds of programs!

& School Talks

We have given many talks over the years. Topics range from mentoring, parenting, cyberwellness, addictions, dealing with aggression, cultivating resilience and Choice Theory.

Mindfulness Training

In a society where instant gratification is the name of the game, mindfulness helps us to stay focused, cope with stress & anxiety, achieve general well being and reach peak performance states.


Yes. We can conduct our sessions (even customized training and workshops) via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. However, it will be preferred for the first family therapy or counselling session to be a face-to-face one.

There is no minimum requirement but personal counselling normally takes place over 6-10 sessions.

For family therapy and personal counselling, each session will be 1-2 hours. Typical talks and workshops last for 2-4 hours.

For family therapy and personal counselling, the charges range from $120-170 per hour. For talks and workshops, it ranges from $150-250 per hour. As for customized training, please arrange for a Discovery Call to discuss further.

Certainly! We already have several clients from overseas – USA, India, China, Malaysia and the Philippines. With technology at our disposal, virtual sessions can be as effective as face-to-face ones.

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